Charles H. Walsh Sr. Academy & Career Tech High School –

Walsh Academy, formerly Jen School, opened in the fall of 2023. It continues Maryville Jen School’s founding vision of preparing special education students to enter high-demand trades and be college-ready for a successful future.

Walsh Academy’s comprehensive curriculum offers students, ages 14 to 22, academics, integrated social-emotional learning and career technical educational instruction. It will develop strong partnerships with contractors, union organizations and school districts to create internship and job opportunities for the students in their communities.

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Family Services

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) – Migrate over all information from the link below –

Early Childhood – Maryville Crisis Nursery

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Homes for Teen Moms – Casa Imani Homes

The Casa Imani program, located on our Eisenberg Campus in Bartlett, IL, is s therapeutic residential home for parenting and pregnant adolescent girls, ages 13 to 20 and their babies, with a history of childhood trauma and intellectual disability and mental illness. The program focuses on parenting skills training and support services to increase resilience and change the course of young women’s lives and their children. Treatment at Casa Imani is designed to build stable, consistent and healthy relationships with staff, foster healthy regulation of emotions, and build social, emotional, behavioral and spiritual resources for the young girls.

Homes for Teen Moms – Saint Mary of Celle

Saint Mary of Celle in Berwyn is an extension of the Casa Imani program. This program addresses the special needs of pregnant and parenting young women who are at-risk, their children and families. It will prepare young women for the transition to a temporary or independent living environment. In addition to providing safe housing and vital assistance related to school, counselling, life skills training, health services and case management under the Casa Imani program, Saint Mary of Celle will provide additional resources around parenting and career development with an emphasis on keeping these young families together in a comprehensive and holistic way.

What We Will Offer

The Casa Imani Home and Saint Mary of Celle staff have been finding new and creative ways to engage the girls.

They are taught:

  • gardening
  • fishing
  • bike riding
  • cooking
  • baby yoga
  • Pilates
  • Zumba
  • Tae Bo
  • boxing
  • Coaching and counseling are available to them.

Contact Us

Casa Imani Homes 951 W. Bartlett Road, Bartlett, IL 60103 630-736-7450
Saint Mary of Celle Home 1431 Euclid Ave., Berwyn, IL 60402 872-294-1800

Home for Recovering Moms and their Children – Maryville Academy Mother’s Recovery Home Network

The Maryville Academy Mother’s Recovery Home Network is comprised of two Maryville recovery programs: Saint Monica Homes located in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago. It is a residence for up to 18 women between the ages of 18 and 35 and their children up to age 10. Saint Josephine Bakhita Homes, located in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago, can follow Saint Monica Homes where mothers and their children experience a less restrictive home setting. The goal at Saint Josephine Bakhita Homes is to allow mothers to focus on gaining independence and putting into practice the life skills they have learned.

Women admitted to the programs will receive individual and group treatment designed to help examine their mental health, emotional, medical, neurobiological and socioeconomic conditions. Once an assessment is completed by a Maryville Family Behavioral Health Clinic staff, specific treatment plans will be assigned to address the unique needs of each woman. The program is designed to last six months at Saint Monica Homes. During that time, the mothers will have the opportunity to engage with a parenting coach and participate in classes. A vocational coordinator will work with each mother in a workforce development.
program and provide job-readiness training. Substance abuse treatment and mental health therapeutic services will be offered through the Family Behavioral Health Clinic.

What We Will Offer

Substance abuse services provided by the Mother’s Recovery Home Network cover:

  • Addiction and common effects/consequences
  • Decision making
  • Neurobiological effects of drugs on the brain
  • Socioeconomic effects of drug use
  • Coping skill development/management
  • Emotional regulation, skill building and reinforcement.
  • Emotional identification and processing
  • The effects of substance abuse on mental health conditions
  • Anger management (as it relates to substance abuse)
  • Depression management
  • Relapse signs, symptoms and management
  • The role of nutrition in recovery
  • People, places and things that might cause a relapse response.
  • Communication skill building and development.