Maryville Crisis Nursery

The Maryville Crisis Nursery is a vital and innovative program that provides free short-term care for parents in distress and experiencing a crisis. The Crisis Nursery protects their children, birth to age six, from abuse, neglect or trauma.

Children receive round-the-clock child care for up to 72 hours for each stay. This safe and nurturing environment is designed to protect them from harmful experiences and the damaging effects of trauma. Issues that bring families to the Maryville Crisis Nursery include unemployment, parental illness or hospitalization, poverty and homelessness.

The Crisis Nursery is located at 6650 W. Irving Park in Chicago.
Parents can call the 24-Hour Crisis Helpline:



Services offered:

  • 24-hour Crisis Helpline staffed by child care professionals.
  • 24-hour child care with strictly maintained staff-to-child ratios, healthy meals and snacks, and age-appropriate learning activities.
  • Crisis counselling to provide parents with support, encouragement and parenting advice.
  • Referrals to community resources for medical care, housing, employment assistance, job training, education, substance abuse treatment and domestic violence prevention.
  • Parent Support Programs at Augustus Tolton Peace Center

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Thank you WGN-News and Julie Unruh for this segment on Crisis Nursery that aired on WGN-News TV on July 23.
We thank Flashpoint Chicago, its leadership team, Professor John Klein and students for their time and generosity in the making of this video

Thank you to a generous grant from the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, the Crisis Nursery was able to expand staffing and operations in order to serve more at-risk children and families.

We thank our families for the trust and for allowing us to share a part of their lives.


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Contact Information

Maryville Crisis Nursery
6650 W. Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL  60634

Phone: 773-205-3600
Fax: 773- 205-3633

24-Hour Helpline 773- 205-3637

Tricia Fitzgerald, Program Director

Joanne Deuter, Assistant Program Director

Fred Smith, Administrator