Walsh Academy receives CISCO recognition

Sister Cathy and Ann Craig are shown holding the plaques that Maryville and Walsh Academy received from CISCO. With the Maryville team is the team from Wight Construction.

The Construction Industry Service Corporation honored Walsh Academy and Maryville with a special mention award during its annual meeting at the Westin Hotel in Lombard on January 19.

The award is part of CISCO’s annual Pride in Construction Award program. Walsh Academy and Maryville’s recognition is only the second time that CISCO used its discretionary authority and awarded the special mention honor.

“I could not believe all that you are doing in this old facility. I could not believe the joy in this building,” CISCO Executive Director Dan Allen shared his impression of Jen School with the meeting attendees after he was given a tour by Sister Cathy and Ann Craig.

“I am so glad I made that visit,” Allen said. “Meeting with you and the team there was just a huge blessing in my life.”

Ann, in accepting the award, thanked everyone involved in making the Walsh Academy dream become a reality.

“Thank you for taking that leap of faith and believing in this vision and believing in our students for giving them this opportunity to have this school where they can come and have a safe and secure learning environment and learn about the trades,” she said.

Ann added that Walsh Academy will help students “figure out what their passion is in the future and have a successful life and become what they want to be and reach their potential.”

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