Anonymous Donor Pledges $10,000 to Crisis Nursery

Maryville is pleased to announce that an anonymous donor has offered a $10,000 matching gift to our Crisis Nursery in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month in April. Thanks to friends like you, we have raised $2,910 so far! Please donate today and help our Crisis Nursery reach its $20,000 goal!

The Maryville Crisis NursiStock_000004489006Mediumery is the only 24/7 emergency childcare nursery of its kind in the Chicago area. It is a critical community resource that helps reduce parental stress, improves parenting skills and reduces the risk of child abuse and neglect. Ultimately, we want to help families to achieve long term success!

Last week, a young mother walked into a local Chicago Police station with her two young children. She explained in desperation that she was there because she had nowhere to turn. She had no family or reliable friends to leave her children with while she went to work — and she was afraid she was on the verge of losing her job. A police officer called DCFS and in turn, the DCSF hotline called the Maryville Crisis Nursery. Our Family Advocate became part of a three-way call with DCFS and the young mother and together, worked out a plan for her to use the Nursery for Crisis Child Care for her children so that she would not lose her job. The Nursery provides a supportive environment that meets each family where they are and helps them set and achieve goals for a brighter future!

To learn more, call the Crisis Nursery’s 24-hour helpline: 773-205-3637.

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